Naturalization and Citizenship


HSPRD attorneys represent lawful permanent residents (“LPRs”) applying for naturalization.  In representing LPRs interested in becoming naturalized U.S. citizens, we first schedule a consultation to determine whether the client meets all the requirements to be eligible for naturalization.  Once retained, HSPRD attorneys prepare and file our clients’ naturalization applications with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”), monitor their status of the applications, and represent our clients at naturalization interviews.  Naturalization applicants can be denied naturalization and placed in removal proceedings if the USCIS determines that an applicant did not lawfully obtain their permanent residence or is removable as a result of one or more criminal convictions or on other grounds.  We also represent naturalization applicants whose applications for naturalization have been unreasonably delayed or wrongly denied.  In addition, we represent naturalized U.S. citizens whose naturalization in the U.S. government is seeking to revoke.  In this time of increasing hostility to immigrants by the federal agencies that enforce our nation’s immigration laws, we urge every naturalization applicant to consult with an attorney before applying for naturalization.

HSPRD attorneys also represent individuals eligible to apply for Certificates of Citizenship and U.S. Passports based on the citizenship or naturalization of a parent and U.S. citizens denied U.S. passports.

To schedule a consultation with HSPRD about your eligibility for naturalization or other types of naturalization or citizenship related problems, please contact our Firm at (312) 239-7675 or

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