Representing Universities and Other Educational Institutions


HSPRD represents leading universities and other educational institutions in immigration matters, including:

  • Advising international students and their families concerning their F student and J exchange visitor status, visa issuance, international travel, eligibility of F-1 and J-1 students for employment and practical training and obtaining nonimmigrant and immigrant status after completing their studies.
  • Representing students, professors and researchers, and university visitors with regard to their admission to the United States at Ports of Entry.
  • Seeking and extending nonimmigrant status authorizing the employment of professors, researchers, and other university employees.
  • Seeking lawful permanent residence for professors, researchers, and other university employees.
  • Applying to the U.S. Department of State for approval of J-1 exchange visitor programs.
  • Advising J-1 exchange visitors concerning the two-year foreign residence requirement.
  • Representing J-1 exchange visitors subject to the two-year foreign residence requirement and representing them in applying for waivers of that requirement.

For more information regarding the immigration services HSPRD provides to universities and their students and employees, please contact our Firm at (312) 239-7675 or

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