Workforce Enforcement and Employer Sanctions


HSPRD attorneys have extensive experience representing employers subject to U.S. government audits and investigations regarding the immigration status of their employees, their I-9 employment verification eligibility compliance, and petitions and applications filed to secure the employment of non-citizens as immigrants and nonimmigrants.  In the current environment of hostility toward immigrants and other foreign workers, increasing numbers of employers are being subject to government audits, investigations and worksite enforcement actions.  Such investigations can lead to civil fines, criminal prosecutions, and costly workforce disruptions.  HSPRD attorneys advise and represent employers subjected to governmental audits and investigation and help employers minimize the adverse consequences of such audits and investigators.  We also advise employers regarding use of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s E-Verify program.  We work proactively with employers interested in conducting internal audits to secure corporate compliance with immigration laws in order to avoid or minimize adverse consequences which may result from future audits and investigations.  HSPRD have extensive experience working with corporate counsel, management and union side labor lawyers, and criminal defense lawyers in representing employers.  For advice and representation regarding employer compliance and government audits and investigations, please contact us at (312)-239-7675 or

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